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Auracle is an architecture, not a musical composition. It is a means for the lay public to meet and invent new musics together. It is not up to its makers, to design its nature; its up to them to design something which gives its users the means to do this as they play it. It is a permanent entity with a goal of attracting a large and diverse public for the long term.

To these ends it shall:

Be highly transparent allowing the users easily to identify their own activities within an ensemble

Be interfaced solely with the voice

Be designed for maximum sensitivity and response to vocal parameters

Encourage players to engage in new modes of vocal expression

Be free of obvious musical conventions

Encourage collaboration among players

Be engaging and absorbing over the long term

Not produce timbres that sound synthetic

Although they may be completely new, all of Auracle's sounds must convince that they could actually be made by objects in the natural, non-electronic world i.e. they must conform to the physical laws of vibrating objects. Instruments which do not meet this criterion will not be accepted.

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