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Frequently Asked Questions


When will Auracle be available?

Auracle has been officially launched. Please try it out and contact us with your feedback.

How can I find out about new versions of Auracle and Auracle events?

What is an Auracle ensemble?

You play Auracle with other people anywhere in the world in groups of up to five players called Ensembles. All members of an ensemble are able to hear each other's gestures. Listen to the active ensembles in Auracle by clicking on their names. Stay with a group that you like, or create a new ensemble yourself and invite others to come and play.

I don't hear any sound!

There are several possible reasons for this.

First, you need to click the Playbar for the sounds you make to be heard by Auracle.

If that doesn't solve your problem, make sure you have your microphone connected, turned on, and that the microphone volume is high enough that your voice registers in your computer's microphone/input set-up window. Similarly, make sure your output is not muted and the volume high enough for you to hear.

For additional help configuring audio input and output on your computer, please click the "Help with Audio" link on the left.

I installed JSyn, but Auracle still prompts me to install it.

Some web browsers require you to quit and restart in order to recognize the JSyn plugin. If you are still having problems with JSyn installation, please click here to troubleshoot.

Why do I always get a dialog box "requesting permission to turn on the microphone or other audio input"?

Auracle requires a microphone for its input, so it is necessary that you allow the program to enable the microphone.

I get an error dialog box that says an Exception has occurred.

This probably means that there is a bug in Auracle which we need to fix. Please contact us and copy the full text of the error dialog into your message, along with details of what you were doing when it happened.

I get an error message saying "Connection to server failed." What can I do?

While this message could indicate that the Auracle server is temporarily unavailable, more often it means that there is a problem accessing Auracle through your network's firewall. Tell your network administrator that you need to access a service running on port 17954 and ask him or her how best to do so on your network.

My sound output starts and stops (or stops altogether) and/or my mouse and keyboard respond very slowly (or don't respond at all).

Try quitting all other running applications and/or switching to a room with fewer people in it.

I only hear sound from one of my speakers.

Each member of an ensemble is panned to a different 'location' in the stereo space. If there is only one other player is in an ensemble with you will hear him out of only one speaker.

When I press the Playbar I can't hear Auracle anymore.

This automute function can be useful to prevent feedback if you a playing Auracle with loudspeakers instead of headphones. You can get around it by using the Control key on your keyboard instead of the Playbar.

I have a question which isn't answered here.

Please contact us.

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