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Create an Instrument for Auracle

The Auracle team is interested in allowing third party JSyn developers to contribute custom meta-instruments that would function as plugins in Auracle. The plugin would receive voice analysis information that would include envelopes for fundamental frequency F0, formants F1 and F2, voicedness ("aaa" vs "shh"), amplitude, etc. The plugin would output audio.

We are considering two options:

#1) Programmer Option - Java programmer develops a class that implements the AuraclePlugin API. This would allow complex mapping between input analysis parameters and the final sound. But it requires Java programming chops.

#2) User Option - Computer user would create a JSyn Wire patch that had input ports for the vocal analysis parameters and an output port. The user could create a patch by graphically connect synthesis modules together and send the patch to the Auracle team. The advantage would be that non-programmers could contribute. But mapping of the input parameters to audio would take place at the level of audio synthesis so it would not be as efficient or flexible as a higher level mapping.

In both cases a JAR file containing an Auracle test environment would be provided. This would allow you to build your instrument and test it in stand-alone mode using voice input.

If you are interested in participating, contact us.

Please include:

Thanks. We hope you will participate.